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Say goodbye to wasted hours on
manual business processes.

How Does Integrify Work?

Low-code drag-and-drop is the future. Streamline the most difficult business processes. Automate manual business processes, collaborate on tasks and requests, test and set up reminders.

Identify Your Manual Processes

CapEx, authorization, onboarding, budget approval and more.

Automate Your Manual Processes

Get started with a free pre-built template or start building from scratch.

Launch and Report On Your Processes

Put your buisness process to work and measure it’s effectiveness.

What Can Integrify Do?

Build workflows in a drag-and-drop builder and run parallel or sequential flows and so much more.

Process Builder

Convert manual processes into automated workflows with a drag-and-drop builder.

Form Designer

Easily create responsive, Web-based forms to capture any information you want.

Service Portal

Allow users to submit forms, complete tasks, and track process status.


Track an audit trail of your processes and make smarter decisions faster.


Create workflow applications with process integration into existing enterprise systems.

Automate Quickly. Scale Easily.

Integrify helps the best companies work more efficiently.


Unlimited workflows, forms, reports, updates, logs and so much more.

Quick Start

Build a custom workflow or use one of our quick start workflow templates.


A dedicated success manager for your business workflow needs.

Scale with Confidence

Whether you have hundreds of processes or one, we can help.


Daily processes running through Integrify.


Daily process requests submitted through Integrify.


Integrify users desgning and building workflow automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through some of our most asked questions.

Integrify is subscription-based. The biggest factor on cost is the number of users and there are discounts at certain tiers. Users can be either named or concurrent depending on your needs.

Yes! We can set up a quick call to get some information and then set up a trial instance for you, which includes a training session.

Integrify uses a REST-based, open API and we've integrated with a wide variety of systems including SalesForce, SAP, Oracle, OpenText, Slack, Tableau, and many more. Odds are we integrate with what you've got.
We do. We do.
All customers receive ticket, email, and phone support for normal business hours. Premium support is also available.
There are not limits on forms, workflows, or document storage.
All new customers are assigned a Customers Success representative who will provide free training as well as hands-on workshop to get your team up and running quickly. Additional training services are available at an hourly fee depending on your needs.
Yes. Public users can complete forms and receive notifications.
Integrify is available in the cloud or can be installed on-premise.