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Workflow Automation Solutions

Planning to Automate CapEx? 

As organizations look to both reduce and optimize capital spending, many are beginning to realize the waste and risk involved in their current methods for handling requests for capital expenses. This often leads to the promise of CapEx process automation.

But what's actually involved in a CapEx automation project and where do you start?

We've helped great companies like BP, Red Bull, and U.S. Pipe design and build their own custom, automated CapEx processes. While no two CapEx processes are alike, the planning and preparation for automation is the same. And now we've written the eBook on it.

Get Our new eBook: "Preparing for CapEx Approval Process Automation"

Find out what to expect and how to organize the project, including:

  • Process Planning
  • How to Document
  • Outlining and Designing the Workflow
  • Building an Approval Matrix
  • Building Forms
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Tips for Change Management
  • Loads of examples and templates to steal