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Process Consulting Workshop


The Workshop

1-day or 2-day workshop that gives your team the tools they need to prepare for a process automation project, including:

  • Project Planning and Scoping
  • Process Discovery
  • Process Design

Typical deliverables can include:

  • High-Level Flow Diagram
  • Requirements Refinement/Template
  • Resource Requirements
  • Integration Considerations
  • High-Level Timeline
  • Draft Workflow
  • Fundamentals Training
  • Workflow Mock-ups

Elevate Your Game

We can prepare your team for a focused, successful business process automation and optimization project whether this is their first project or one of many. Lean on us to help you knock your project out of the park.
Whether you need expert guidance and training or hands-on work, our expert process consultants have an average of 20 years experience planning and building complex business processes with some of the largest companies in the world.